Sierra Bags is leading the cannabis industry’s packaging services with a team of experts who create, design, and manufacture child resistant packaging bags in several different sizes and styles. Our child resistant packaging bags are designed for dispensaries, growers, processors or any brand wanting to put their products on the shelves in child resistant packaging. These bags have been carefully designed for maximum efficiency, simplicity, and with the goal of lowering the risk of infants and children ingesting products. The New York Times reported that “as many as 40 percent of accidental poisonings of young children involved drugs packaged in containers that are not child-resistant”. To prevent this from happening and to protect children, the PPPA (Poison Prevention Packaging Act) requires child resistant exit packaging for various hazardous household products including products sold by dispensaries. We stand by our products and their safety. We offer extremely high-quality dispensary packaging and grower bags that are made up of 100% recyclable high-quality material. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service while offering the highest quality American-made products at the lowest possible prices.

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child resistant cannabis packaging bags
child resistant dispensary exit packaging


Sierra Bags’ child resistant exit packaging has been carefully manufactured for retailers. By noticing how the cannabis industry has grown, we saw an opportunity to provide child resistant packaging bags, which are made to be sealed when a customer or patient leaves with cannabis from a dispensary or medical clinic. These bags are especially important in the household as well so that children and individuals with disabilities are unable to access cannabis products or byproducts. We know the weight this topic puts on retailers to ensure everything that leaves their dispensary is in child resistant exit packaging. This is why we’ve put years into producing only the highest quality, compliant, and cost-conscious products into the market. Sierra Bags provides plenty of choices for compliant child resistant exit packaging for cannabis and cannabis-related products. With these bags, our clients are able to stay within compliance with their child resistant exit bags. We promise to produce quality exit dispensary packaging, used for smaller quantities of cannabis and marijuana products.

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Our Child Resistant Exit bags are one of the very few 100 % recyclable child-resistant packages the cannabis and marijuana market has to offer. Not sure where you can recycle? Inquire within and we can help direct you to the closest facility.


With the certified child-guard zipper, Sierra Bags has developed a continuously child-resistant bag to ensure that the cannabis product only ends up in the hands it is intended for.


Following along the regulations of states, our Child Resistant Exit Bags come pre-printed with warnings, directions and regulatory accordance notices.


Not only do our bags come with regulatory compliant structures, but they also come with a high barrier, opaque film to conceal the contents from viewing for the privacy of your customers.