We might be a little biased here at Sierra Bags, but we strongly believe we are the best child resistant packaging manufacturer in the market. We have been in the industry since 1924, promising to offer the lowest possible prices for the highest quality products. We are a manufacturer, so by selling directly to you, our customers, we cut out the middle man and save you even more. Sierra Bags has completed all of the Child Resistant and Senior Friendly testing in strict accordance with the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Title 16, Part 1700 to ensure we are creating the best products for you. Did you know that the bulk of the industry’s packaging is produced overseas in China? Most of the dispensary packaging manufacturers have brokers in the US who contract with manufacturers in China to supply the packaging. We are unique from our competitors because we are local. With our headquarters in Reno, Nevada with three other sales offices; one in Los Angeles, California, another in Portland, Oregon and our newest one in Jacksonville, FL. We are able to supply and deliver bags here in the states and internationally. As a manufacturer, we completed all of the Child Resistant/ Senior Friendly testing and are able to create bags in several sizes and types, including one-half pound, one pound, two and a half pound, five pound, and 10 pound sizes. They can be ordered in silver back, clear front configuration or in a solid white metallic color. The bags are light resistant, offer odor barrier protection, can be re-sealed more than once and are all available in custom printed options as well.

Child Resistant Packaging Manufacturer in america


The difference between us and most of the other dispensary packaging manufacturers is that we actually manufacture everything here in Reno, NV. From pre-press to pouch formation we do everything in house. We have 11 packaging machines including Totani, Hudson Sharp, and Roan’s. This allows us to make various bag types from Poly Bags, Laminated Bags, Re-closed zipper bags, Wicketed Bags, Double Side Gusset Bags, Reinforced Handle Bags, Square Bottom Bags and more. And since we are the actual child resistant packaging manufacturer we can be flexible and guarantee that the products we deliver are of the highest quality. We are 100% United States based and everything is made in-house, allowing us to respond quickly when needed by our clients. By selling our products directly to our customers, they are able to save even more, and with our online store, Sierra Bags has the ability to serve our customers 24/7, ensuring that they are able to order and receive products fast. Custom orders are kept on file, so in the case that a returning client requires another batch of a previous order, the bags are able to hit production the following day after placing their order.

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Our Child Resistant Exit bags are one of the very few 100 % recyclable child-resistant packages the cannabis and marijuana market has to offer. Not sure where you can recycle? Inquire within and we can help direct you to the closest facility.


With the certified child-guard zipper, Sierra Bags has developed a continuously child-resistant bag to ensure that the cannabis product only ends up in the hands it is intended for.


Following along the regulations of states, our Child Resistant Exit Bags come pre-printed with warnings, directions and regulatory accordance notices.


Not only do our bags come with regulatory compliant structures, but they also come with a high barrier, opaque film to conceal the contents from viewing for the privacy of your customers.