Our Social Responsibility

Here at Sierra Bags, we take our social responsibility very seriously so we wanted to share a little bit about what we do to maintain our efforts within that topic.

Environmental Efforts

Most of the products we produce here at Sierra Bags are flexible packages and made up of different poly’s. But hear us out because we have worked diligently to produce products that are 100% recyclable. Even the clips and zippers on our child resistant bags have this characteristic to them! We value the need for flexible packaging within the market and we also value our environmental responsibility.


One of the ways we practice our social responsibly is by offering support and donations to different types of places and people in need. We understand and appreciate that we have many resources that can offer great relief and help to local community programs.

Ethical Labor Practices

Here are Sierra Bags, we think it is crucial to treat our employees fairly and ethically because without them we wouldn’t be the team we are today.

Supporting Domestic Companies

We love to support both local business and domestic which is why we source everything 100% in the USA. We really pride ourselves on this because we know exactly where our material comes from and that helps us to ensure the quality of product we produce for you.