COVID-19 Preventative Actions from Sierra Bags

In addressing concerns regarding the supply chain’s vulnerability, we are confident that our supply chain is secure and at limited risk due to a spread of the coronavirus (COVID19) . In planning for the possibility of a pandemic, we have considered the possibility that our raw material suppliers may have difficulties in meeting supply commitments. All our materials are being sourced locally; none of our components come from overseas. In addition to that, we have asked our
current suppliers for letters explaining their contingency plans in case of a disruption in their supply chain and they have indicated that currently they have multiple plants that can deliver our raw materials in the event of an interruption. Therefore, in the unlikely event that material from one or more suppliers is disrupted, we have other pre-qualified sources.

Preventative Measures at the Plant

Our Risk Management Team has put in place a series of refresher training around GMPc that started in March, in addition to all the other GMPc trainings that are taking place. The trainings are design to reinforce the following points:

  • Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, including time keeping machines, door handles, tables in the break room area
  • Increasing use of alcohol-based personal disinfectants
  • Minimizing colleagues working in close proximity
  • Implementing protocol for visitors entering our facilities, which could also include cancellation on visitors coming to the plant
  • Strongly recommending colleagues stay home if they are sick and seek medical attention if showing symptoms

Business Interruption Contingency Plan

Our Business Continuity strategy covers potential business interruptions by leveraging our sister plants in Central America. These plants have the same equipment that we currently have on site, which would make job information transfer seamless. Having alternate suppliers and having the capacity to produce the film at other locations give us the confidence that we will be able to manage any potential interruptions.

Currently every team member is in good health and production schedule is moving forward as usual with no interruptions.


Guillermo Leon
General Manager
Sierra Packaging and Converting, LLC