July 27, 2016

They’re Finally Here!!

Sierrabags.com is pleased to announce that they are now in production of their Child Resistant Exit Bag and Complete line of Producer Bags. Sierrabags.com is a US based manufacturing company providing 100% US made packaging to the US flexible packaging industry.

Portland, OR (July 27th, 2016) SierraBags.com is thrilled to announce that they are now offering their Child Resistant Exit Bag and complete line of Producer Bags via their online store at SierraBags.com. Be sure to see them at the upcoming Oregon Cannabis Grower’s Fair on August 13th and 14th at the Oregon State Fairgrounds.


SierraBags.com has completed all of the Child Resistant/ Senior Friendly testing in strict accordance with the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Title 16, Part 1700.  The bags were tested by Perritt Laboratories, Inc. a leading nationally accredited laboratory. Most states are demanding that this exact certification be obtained before they can be used. Because of the high demand and required usage by more and more states, they are being offered on a first come – first served basis. These bags are being offered at a price offering more value than ever before.


Equally exciting is SierraBags.com’s new line up of bags specifically created for the Growing Industry. They will be offered in one-half pound, one pound, two and a half pound, five pound and soon 10 pound sizes. Versions include a silver back, clear front configuration and solid white metallic color. The solid bags offer maximum odor barrier protection, have a high-performance oxygen barrier and are impervious to light making them the ideal storage solution. Some bags will come with a standard one and a half inch header or with the new 5-inch header which allows the bag to be opened and resealed three to four times. SierraBags.com is already known for their industry value priced flower and bud bags and their custom print capabilities.


“We’re really excited to offer these two new 100% US made high quality, value priced lines to the US cannabis industry” said Steve Barrow, of SierraBags.com. “Child Resistance is crucial to the success of the Cannabis Industry for so many reasons, we’re glad we can offer them at a price never seen before. By making them affordable, they will get used and at the end of the day that’s really important”.
“We’re equally excited to offer the Growing Industry bags specifically made for their industry. Meet us at the upcoming Oregon Cannabis Grower’s Fair August 13th and 14th where we will be officially launching our Producer Bags collection”.


Because SierraBags is a 100% US based company that does everything in-house they can respond very quickly and if additional bags are requested by growers, they can go into production immediately.

Sierrabags.com is based out of Reno, NV with sales offices in Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA.